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Film Music History & Analysis

An in depth analysis of film music, its thematic development, orchestrational techniques, expressive qualities and usage in classic and contemporary film scores.

This seminar is a condensed version of a unique college course that takes a look at music from a variety of film genres: drama, comedy, westerns, crime, horror, sci-fi and others.

Film composers from the early days of Hollywood such as Max Steiner and Franz Waxman are introduced to show how the Hollywood Sound developed from its beginnings through mid-century composers such Bernard Herrmann and Henry Mancini, up to John Williams, Hans Zimmer and others who are working today.

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Music Appreciation Seminar: Western Music History

A guided tour through the history of Western Music, from Mozart and Beethoven to Stravinsky and Philip Glass. Learn how the language of music works. This seminar is for anyone who is interested in music – no previous music training is necessary to attend and understand the classes.

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20th Century Harmony | Film Scoring Techniques

12-week Short Term Program

Two Topics / One Course: taught by Daniel Walker & Norman Ludwin

20th CENTURY HARMONY offers you a detailed examination of the process and techniques of contemporary composition. Its emphasis is contemporary scoring approaches, ranging from Ravel to Stravinsky to John Adams. Various genres and styles will be examined including: modal writing, hexachords, twelve tone structures, and aleotoric composition.

Particular emphasis will be on the development of material and techniques to add variety and sophistication to your music.

FILM SCORING TECHNIQUES will focus on practical experience in composing for visual media – including spotting a picture, musical structure for visual images, computer skills, and the study of successful composition styles.

The course will also touch on a few of the important aspects in the business area.

Students apply techniques to assigned film composition projects.

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Orchestration | DAW Techniques

12-week Short Term Program

Two Topics / One Course: taught by Daniel Walker & Norman Ludwin

ORCHESTRATION is designed to provide students with an in depth study of orchestral instruments and their usage.

Two main areas will be covered: instrumentation, dealing with the construction, sound production, range, notation, and playing techniques of each instrument; and orchestration, which is the actual process of scoring music for orchestra.

Groups of instruments examined include brass, strings, woodwinds, harp, and percussion. Class sessions involve score study, discussion of instrumental techniques, and review of student assignments.

DAW TECHNIQUES covers techniques used in creating realistic and convincing orchestral recordings using sampled instruments in a Digital Audio Workstation. Goals of the course are:

  • Creating natural solo and ensemble performances using MIDI controllers for dynamics, articulation, overall expressiveness

  • Writing for the virtual ensemble – how this is different from an acoustic ensemble

  • Understanding balances, panning and signal processing to create transparency

  • Creating a realistic and convincing final mix

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