Seminars and Short Term Programs

Film Music History and Analysis
Film Scoring Techniques
The Virtual Orchestra
Music Appreciation

 Film Music History and Analysis:

In depth analysis of film music, its thematic development, orchestrational techniques, expressive
qualities and usage in classic and contemporary film scores.

Film Scoring Techniques:

Practical experience in composing for commercial movies – including spotting a picture, musical structure for visual images, computer skills, and the study of successful composition styles. Study of three principal areas of filmmaking — preproduction, production (shooting), and postproduction. Examples from classic movies and discussion of their scores. Students apply techniques to assigned film composition projects.

The Virtual Orchestra:

Study in the techniques used to create realistic sounding orchestral mock-ups with samples,
synthesis, sound-processing and mixing in a digital audio workstation.

Music Appreciation / Western Music History:

A guided tour through the history of Western Music, from Mozart and Beethoven to Stravinsky and Philip Glass. Learn how the language of music works. This seminar is for anyone who is interested in music – no previous music training is necessary to attend and understand the classes.

Conducted at:

Bertrand’s Music
145 Vista Ave. Pasadena