Music Appreciation – Four Week Seminar


Western Music History from the 10th Century to Today
Explore the Master Composers and their Work
Learn the Language of Music

For anyone who loves music and wants to learn more about it.


This four week seminar covers the history of western music from its beginnings up to today.  Each two-hour session is devoted to a different period of music and the significant composers and music from that time. Students learn the basics of the musical language from each period in order to take look inside the music.


Week 1: The Beginning: Gregorian Chant to JS Bach
Week 2: Classical Superstars: Mozart to Beethoven, Brahms and Tchaikovsky
Week 3: Roots of Modern Music: Mahler and Strauss to Debussy and Stravinsky
Week 4: Music of Today: Schoenberg to Bernstein, Penderecki and Tan Dun


This seminar is for anyone who is interested in music – no previous music training is necessary to attend and understand the classes.

Future Dates TBA

Bertrand’s Music
145 Vista Ave. Pasadena

$200/ four classes