Film & Television
Mysterious China - feature documentary series
exotic music from China's rich culture integrated into a modern sound
(voices and indigenous instruments recorded in provincial China / mixed in Los Angeles)
Curiosity Kills the Cat
contemplative and suspenseful - song performed by Jia-Jia
(recorded in Beijing and Los Angeles)
The Galaxy Railways
theme song for Japanese TV series - performed by Jia-Jia
(Japanese lyrics by EMI K. Lynn)

77th Academy Awards
orchestra over ethnic percussion & electronica
(original music for the show / Bill Conti - music director)
Something Hidden
tango music
(festival film short - Donna May dir.)
Impressions of the Deep
meditative score and sound design
(composed with Giorgio Moroder)
Killer Cop
techno-action score
Neglected Rose
warm, thoughtful score

Ultimate Taboo
'film-noir' score

Small Business School
orchestral Americana theme

Sex & The City
soundtrack album

Diane Warren song produced by Chris Cox and Thunderpuss

modern jazz score

Object of Obsession
minimalist suspense score
(additional music)
Spy Hard
orchestral comedy score
(additional music)
Stranger By Night
orchestral suspense score
(additional music)

Animal Instincts
industrial techno songs
(with the punk-cabaret act Tyrants in Therapy)

various film and music library cues
assorted styles

Daniel Walker's music is also available at: FrameWorks Music.


jingles and scoring for advertising from WoWa Music - a creative partnership between composers Daniel Walker and Terry Wollman: